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How we differ from a conventional practice

We recognize that your animal companion is a unique and complex individual, and focus our treatments on maintaining or reestablishing your pet’s energetic balance. When imbalances do occur, we not only address the symptoms, but look for the cause(s) as well. Because holistic medicine requires an in-depth understanding of your pet and his/her environment, we often schedule initial appointments for 45-60 minutes. Follow-up examinations generally take between 15-30 minutes.

Modalities we use in our practice

Nutrition   The foods that your pet consumes on a daily basis can either strengthen or weaken his/her constitution. Many of the highly processed foods on the market, such as kibble and canned food, do the latter. Our doctors can discuss the optimal diet for your animal based on proper protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral content. more

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine is a centuries-old system of healing based on the balance of energies (Qi) in the body. We evaluate our patients by taking a complete history, palpating the pulse and performing tongue diagnosis. Both, acupuncture and herbs can restore a healthy state of balance and promote a healing response. Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture include: arthritis, back pain, hip dysplasia, paralysis, epilepsy, behavioral disorders, immune diseases and even internal organ dysfunctions.

Western Herbalism Botanical medicines have been used throughout the world for thousands of years to enhance and restore health. Based on traditional knowledge as well as new pharmacological data, we can prescribe the appropriate formula for your animal. Much of our botanical prescribing takes into account the energetics of your animal (based on TCVM diagnosis) as well as the Western diagnosis and symptoms.

Homeopathy Developed by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, this is a 200-year old method of stimulating the body’s vital force to promote healing. Homeopathy is an energetic medicine based on the Law of Similars (or “like cures like”), meaning a natural substance that causes symptoms in a healthy animal will cure a sick animal with those same symptoms. For example, ipecac taken orally causes vomiting; however, in very dilute doses it can stop vomiting. Homeopathic remedies are made of very dilute yet potent doses of natural substances (herbs and minerals) that coat small lactose pellets. When a remedy is administered (orally), it temporarily establishes an artificial disturbance in the body. When similar to the disturbance caused by the illness or injury, it acts to specifically stimulate the body to respond and work harder to get well. Remedies may be administered every few hours in acute cases or a few times weekly for chronic conditions.

Conventional Medicine, Dentistry & Surgery There are times when advanced diagnostics, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines or surgery/dentistry are appropriate for your animal’s health. Our doctors hold veterinary degrees from conventional veterinary schools and are trained in these modalities for times when the veterinarian and the pet guardian agree that conventional diagnostics and treatment is appropriate.
Our clinic is equipped with an on-site blood chemistry analyzer, a veterinary dental x-ray unit, and modern anesthetic equipment & monitoring devices. For comprehensive lab tests, wellness profiles and vaccine titer tests, we work with several off-site veterinary laboratories. We also offer in-clinic ultrasound exams by board-certified radiologists through a mobile veterinary ultrasound service. We do not offer on-site x-ray services (other than dental radiography) and refer animals in need of such diagnostics to local specialty clinics we work with.

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